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Top 5 YouTube Tricks and Hacks

YouTube is definitely our favourite application and one-stop destination to seek entertainment. From watch music videos, tutorials, infotainment videos, movies to vlogs. So let’s dive in check out some interesting ‘working’ tricks and hacks shared by Techsavvy which you can also try on your desktop/laptop or smartphone.

1. RGB Timeline Bar

Open a video on your laptop and switch it to full screen. Now just type “AWESOME” on your keyboard and watch the timeline bar. Also, you can do this in default view and theatre mode as well.

2. Create and share a video link that starts at a specific time

Open a video and click on the share button. Check the Start At button and set the time. Now copy the link to share.

youtube hacks

3. Create a GIF from YouTube video

Open a video of your choice and add “gif” between www. and youtube. It should look like www.gifyoutube/video. Now customize the clip using the tools.

4. Listen to a song on YouTube on repeat

Generally, in order to listen to a song on YouTube on repeat, we have to press the replay button. But there is another way to do this, add the word “repeat” between youtube and .com. It should look like

5. Synctube

Using this platform, you can watch a synchronized YouTube video with up to 50 people in a virtual room and chat simultaneously.

youtube tricks

Step-1: Open YouTube and copy the link of the video which you want to watch with other people.

Step-2: Now open synctube and click on Create Room.

Step-3: Paste the YouTube Video link on the top search bar and share the URL of the webpage with your friends to watch the synchronized video.

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