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PUBG Mobile India

Ever since the government of India banned PUBG Mobile on September 2, there has always been speculations of its return in the country. Moreover, PUBG Corporation announced a new version, basically, an Indian Subsidiary called PUBG Mobile India just like PUBG Korean and Chinese. The relaunch of the game is yet to be announced and is expected to be very soon. Besides, Krafton Inc. has also revealed that they have plans to invest $100 million in the Indian gaming industry to foster the gaming community. They will further hire 100 employees for the development of the game in the country.

It was also added that the privacy and security of the game will be as per the Indian government and regular audits and verification on players’ information storage will take place. No doubt, the game would be customized according to the Indian theme and needs. In the new version, you will get to see green hit effects instead of the red one which was claimed to evoke violence. There would be a virtual stimulation training ground and new players will come with clothes by default. For young players, time restriction will be there for healthy gameplays. However, despite all the information, existing players must be worried about their ID’s in the game. And it’s a piece of good news, according to the reports, PUBG Mobile India will come with the existing players’ IDs, Tier, Inventory and achievements so now you won’t need to start from the beginning and resume playing.

As of now, the game is not available on App Store or Play Store, however, APK still can be downloaded via third-party applications. Moreover, PUBG Mobile Corporation revoked the Indian players’ access in the previous month yet some players can access the game. The new PUBG Mobile India will take less space in your phone because of being specific to a region and will offer an enhanced lag-free gaming experience to the Indian players.

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